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Our Classes

Taught by Physiotherapists and billed as Group Physiotherapy 


NEW!   SpringBoards

We are so excited to introduce Springboards to the Synergy Studio!  Springboards incorporate wall mounted resistance springs to further challenge your upper body, lower body, and core strength.  Designed to build and tone muscle. 

  • experience necessary (level 2 or level 3)

  • limited to 6 people

  • SPECIAL!  $40 off if second class per week


Level 1 PhysioPilates

A therapeutic class designed to decrease joint pain & stiffness, improve posture, balance, & build core strength. A great starting point for recovery from injury/surgery, or for improving health & wellness

  • beginners welcome

  • live and livestream option

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Level 2 PhysioPilates

Supporting an active approach to healthy living, focus is on core strength, stability, muscle balance & flexibility. An ideal class for injury prevention, active aging, or as part of rehabilitation. 

  • some experience suggested 

  • live and livestream option


Level 3 PhysioPilates

This advanced ‘mind-body’ class is designed to prevent and treat injuries through core strength, stability & muscle balance. The class is the ultimate cross-training tool for sport and life.

  • ​experience necessary 

  • live and livestream option

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Prenatal Core

Our Prenatal class is designed to prevent and treat low back and pelvic pain, to prepare the pelvis and pelvic floor muscles for delivery, and to enhance recovery, improve core stability and strength. 

  • ​designed for 2nd and 3rd trimesters

  • live and livestream option


Core Restore Level 1 - Babies Welcome

Classes designed for anyone that has given birth (vaginal or c-section).  Appropriate for parents of all aged children.  Restore your core stability and strength. 

  • no experience needed

  • minimum 6 wks postpartum - no maximum

  • live and livestream option

Young Man doing Physical Exercise

Core Restore Level 2 - Babies Welcome

This active class is designed to prepare you for activities with high impact, such as running and jumping. Retrain your core for impact safely post injury, pregnancy or surgery. 

  • exercise experience required

  • minimum 6 wks postpartum - no maximum

  • live and livestream option


MindBody Movement 

MindBody Movement is where movement, stretching, mindfulness and conscious breathing intertwine.  Designed with care, this class targets muscle tension and pain reduction, while enhancing your awareness, posture and breath.  Experience a sense of ease and balance as your mind and body align. 

  • no experience necessary 

  • live and livestream option


Pelvic Pain Workshop

A 6 week introduction to movement and educational class designed for people with pelvic pain. Includes exercise, stretching, pain self management tools, and mindfulness. Taught by Jalisa den Hartog, certified in Pelvic Health Physiotherapy.

  • open to all genders and gender diverse 

  • held in loft studio (no livestream option)

  • includes pre-recorded classes for home practice

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