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Level 1 PhysioPilates

This therapeutic class is designed to decrease joint pain and stiffness, improve posture and balance, and build core strength. This class is designed for all ages, body types, and abilities. Exercises can be modified for all physical needs, and individual attention will ensure safe and effective technique. This is a great starting point for anyone recovering from an injury/surgery, or for those interested in improving their general heath and well-being.

Level 2 PhysioPilates

An active approach to healthy living, this class will focus on core strength and stability, muscle balance and flexibility. This is an ideal class for injury prevention, or as part of your rehabilitation. Great for improving posture, by lengthening and strengthening the spine.

Level 3 PhysioPilates

The ultimate ‘mind-body’ bootcamp, this class is designed to prevent and treat athletic injuries through core strength and muscle balance. A great cross-training tool for sport and life, suitable for the weekend warrior to the elite athlete.

PreNatal Core

A special class to prepare your body for pregnancy and delivery, and restore your core after birth.  Designed to prevent and treat low back and pelvic pain, to prepare the pelvis and pelvic floor muscles for delivery and enhance recovery, and to improve core stability and strength.

Core Mom - babies welcome!

Transition safely back to exercise during the early post-partum period under supervision of a pelvic health physiotherapist. Non-mobile babies welcome!

PhysioBarre Level 2

PhysioBarre is an upbeat class designed to lengthen and strengthen your body from head to toe. The use of a ballet barre to guide posture and support balance, together with stability and resistance balls, equals a fun and efficient whole body workout.  Tone the upper and lower body, while focusing on core strength and stability!


Our PhysioYoga class is designed for individuals interested in building strength, improving mobility and balance, and cultivating body awareness. PhysioYoga emphasizes a mindful approach whereby attention is directed to the experience and sensation of movement and breath. This class uses flow style yoga as a framework but draws on a wide array of movement modalities including pilates, strength training, and more! All bodies and abilities are welcome.

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