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Prenatal + Birth + Postpartum

Prenatal and PostPartum Classes 

In addition to one-on-one physiotherapy services, we are pleased to offer in studio, livestream and pre-recorded Prenatal and PostPartum classes, specifically designed and taught by our pelvic health team. Our Studio classes all also billed as Group Physiotherapy and covered by many private health care plans.   

Our Studio Classes are all in person and also live streamed so you can join from home 

  • Prenatal Core:  support for your 2nd and 3rd trimester

  • Core Restore 1:  postpartum recovery phase

  • Core Restore 2: postpartum return to impact and sport 

Our Pre and PostPartum STREAM classes are all prerecorded so you can join from anywhere, anytime, and go at your own pace.  

Prenatal and PostPartum Physiotherapy 


Our goal is to empower people with the knowledge and guidance needed to meet the challenges of pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum recovery. 

Our physiotherapists are trained to guide people through these experiences, treating:


  • Pain in the low back, abdomen, groin, pubic bone, buttocks, legs, pelvis, vagina, or rectum

  • Changes in physical function, such as difficulty rolling over, walking, carrying young children, or getting in/out of a vehicle

  • Separation of the abdominals (diastasis recti)

  • Pelvic floor dysfunction

  • Fecal and urinary incontinence or retention

  • Pain with intercourse

  • Vaginal varicose veins

  • Scarring from C-section, tearing, or episiotomy

Bodies change a lot during and after pregnancy, and many people are unsure which changes are to be expected following this major life event. Please note that during and after pregnancy:

You should not:

  • leak urine, gas, or stool when you laugh, cough, sneeze, lift, jump, or run

  • have ongoing pelvis or back pain

  • feel pressure or heaviness in your vagina or rectum

  • have pain during intercourse

If you experience any of these issues, or any other concerns associated with your pregnancy or postpartum recovery, we encourage you to book an appointment with one of our physiotherapists, at any time before or after childbirth.  We offer prenatal assessments, care throughout your pregnancy, labor and delivery prep, as well as postpartum care.  All appointments have in person and virtual care options.


Prenatal and PostPartum Massage Therapy 


Grace can help decrease and manage low back, pelvic and upper back pain, improve posture, and decrease stress, while preparing and recovering from birth

Breast/chest massage: can be beneficial for a number of reasons including painful breast/chest tissue, swelling or tenderness, achiness from heavy breast tissue, and discomfort from breast/chest feeding.


Pre-postnatal Physio

Labor and Delivery Physiotherapy Appointments

  • pain management strategies

  • education about exercises, positions, and activity to support and progress labor for birthing parent and support persons

  • 60 minute session one on one with a physiotherapist trained in labor and delivery + pelvic health

NEW! Labor and Delivery Group Workshop - Save the Date!  Thursday, August 24 from 3:00-4:30pm

  • pain management strategies

  • education about exercises, positions, and activity to support and progress labor for birthing parent and support persons

  • 90 minute group session limited to 6 birthing partners 

  • Offered by Jenna Stirling, Physiotherapist trained in labor and delivery + pelvic health 


Billing and Insurance: 

  • Billed as Physiotherapy.  Receipt provided at time of service and may be covered by your private health care plan.  



NEW!  Birth Physiotherapy with Jenna


Early Labor: Telehealth Support at Home

  • pain management strategies

  • education about exercises, positions, and activity to support and progress labor for birthing parent and support persons


Active Labor & Birth Support:  Telehealth AND/OR In Person IWK support

  • pain management strategies

  • breathing, exercises and positions to support labor and delivery

  • hands on physiotherapy to support pelvis movement through each labor stage


Birth Physiotherapy does not include education or care outside the scope of practice of Physiotherapy, such as pharmaceutical (medication) or medical interventions.  The role of Birth Physiotherapy is to provide  support for the birthing person.  They are not part of the medical team or involved in medical care plan decisions.  Birth Physiotherapy does not provide care for the newborn but can assist the birthing parent with comfort measures post-delivery. 


Billing and Insurance: 

  • Telehealth and IWK support services are billed as Physiotherapy.  Private insurance plans vary in their type and amount of coverage.   

  • Synergy does not direct bill insurance companies.  A valid credit card must be on file, which will be charged within 24 hours of IWK or telehealth services provided. 


Birth Physio Prerequisites: 

Prenatal Assessment + Labor and Delivery Prep (in clinic or telehealth) with Jenna 



Call to book (not bookable online)

Birth Physio

All services are billed as Physiotherapy, and covered by many private health care plans.  Please note we do not direct bill.

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