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I’ve tried doing core exercises before and always ended up hurting myself? I thought this was supposed to help.

At SYNERGY we take the time to properly educate you on how to use your core muscles. People with a history of pain and injury, often present with weakness in the deep core muscles. These can be difficult to isolate and strengthen without individual feedback and a gradual, safe progression of core exercises. We take the time to teach, monitor performance of exercise, and provide comprehensive home programs that are specific to your daily activities or sport.

What makes SYNERGY different from a standard Physiotherapy Clinic?

At SYNERGY all of your treatment time will be spent directly with your physiotherapist. We respect your time, and use every moment to provide hands on manual physiotherapy treatment, teach and progress exercises, answer questions, and educate you on how best to manage and prevent pain and injury.

SYNERGY is locally owned and operated, and is proud to offer a slow-paced, peaceful, therapeutic environment.

What makes PhysioPilates different from a regular Pilates class?

All of our PhysioPilates classes are taught by Physiotherapists, university trained health care professionals. Our experienced therapists have further training in the pilates method, and have developed their own way of incorporating therapeutic exercise with the pilates method, to create an exercise based approach to health, wellness and performance. All class participants are given home exercises as part of their initial individual session, to specifically address their areas of injury or weakness.

Class handouts are also given throughout the session to encourage an independent home practice. All exercises done in our classes can be done at home, empowering our clients to achieve their health, wellness and performance goals.

Can we treat multiple injuries and areas during one treatment session?

Yes, at SYNERGY we look at the body as a whole. It is our goal to improve your movement and function from head to toe. Other treatments may not have been successful if your therapists did not look at the whole body. For example, if you complain of knee pain, has your therapist assessed and treated your foot? A stiff foot is unable to absorb forces from the ground, which will translate joints above, such as your knee, hip and low back.

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