Fees & Insurance
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  • Cash/Cheque/Debit / VISA/MC /online Jane payments accepted.

  • Cheques payable to Synergy Physio Pilates Ltd.

  • Email transfer to admin@synergyphysiopilates.ca

  • Please note we DO NOT direct bill.  All payments must be made at the time of treatment, and you will be given a receipt to send to your insurance company for reimbursement. 

  • Physiotherapy services are tax exempt.  HST will be added to all Osteopathy and Massage services.

Filling Out a Form

Insurance Coverage

  • Our services are not covered by MSI

  • Many private insurance plans will reimburse a percentage of the fees or a set amount

  • Direct billing is NOT available to any insurance companies

  • Full payment is due at the end of each treatment session. Please check your plan to determine the amount and terms of your coverage.  Some insurance plans will require a doctor’s referral.


*Individual Sessions are billed as an assessment or treatment.  

You will receive a receipt at the end of each session that you can submit directly to your insurance company.

*Group sessions (PhysioPilates) are billed as Group Physiotherapy, and may be covered by your insurance plan. At the end of your 10 week session you will receive a detailed receipt with your attendance that can be submitted to your insurance company.  It is the individual’s responsibility to check on their insurance coverage for Group Physiotherapy.

Practicing Yoga

PhysioPilates Classes

  • All new participants in our Group Physiotherapy program are required to complete a pre-class assessment, billed separately as a Physiotherapy Assessment.

  • Payment is due in full upon registration to confirm your spot. 

  • Missed classes will not be reimbursed or credited.

  • Two make up classes per 10 week session are allowed.  All makeup classes are done via zoom and are not counted into your attendance on your class receipt.