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Athletes and Pelvic Health
Preparing for Workout

The occurrence of pelvic floor dysfunction in athletes is well documented, especially for those who participate in high-impact sports.


It is also not uncommon for people who have never given birth to experience incontinence.


Pelvic pain in athletes is also common and can include hip pain or tightness, low back pain, abdominal cramping, groin injuries, sacroiliac joint (SIJ) pain, coccyx (tailbone) pain, and pubis symphysis dysfunction.


Integration of pelvic floor evaluation and rehabilitation by a physiotherapist can be an integral part of recovery and ability to participate in sport.


Athletes often present with too much tension, or tone, in the muscles of the pelvic floor, which contributes to bladder, bowel, or sexual health dysfunctions.


Unfortunately the athletic population is often overlooked in terms of pelvic floor health because of their elite level of function, or that individuals  are too shy or embarrassed to bring up such concerns.

If you are an athlete and experience any leakage or pelvic pain, come in and see us!  The pelvic floor is one of your core muscles, and improving its function can improve your performance!

New! Core Restore 2: An active class is designed to prepare you to return to sport and support your training goals.  

Retrain your core for impact safely with our Pelvic Health Physio team. 

  • exercise experience needed

  • minimum 6 wks postpartum required, no maximum 

  • individual attention ensures safe and effective technique

  • pre-class assessment required

  • billed as Group Physiotherapy

  • baby friendly environment

  • live in studio and live streamed, so you can join from home anytime

All services are billed as Physiotherapy, and covered by many private health care plans.  Please note we do not direct bill.

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