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Osteoarthritis (OA) Theme Week!

  • OA is the most common joint disorder worldwide; it affects 1 in 10 Canadians.

  • OA affects men and women equally.

  • It can occur at any age (average age of diagnosis is 65)

  • 7 years = typical time from symptom onset to diagnosis

  • OA is a degenerative disease, characterized by joint pain, tenderness, local inflammation, muscles weakness, movement limitation or compensatory functional movements

  • X-ray changes unrelated to symptoms

  • In a healthy joint, there is a balance between the regeneration and degeneration of the joint. When the degeneration surpasses the regeneration, OA occurs.

  • Weak muscles, or living a sedentary life, can lead to OA because muscles help absorb shock and protect joints.

  • OA has previously been described as “wear and tear” of the joint. This statement is misleading, as cartilage requires ongoing movement and healthy loads to regenerate.

  • Cartilage can be thought of as a sponge. When load is applied, for instance when walking, fluid gets squeezed out into the joint capsule. When loads are removed, the ca